3 Go-To Shallow Water Bass Presentations

Largemouth bass spend much of their lives living and feeding in the shallows — learn to read the water and identify likely ambush zones, and you’ll be setting the hook plenty. FLW Tour and Elite Series pro Jacob Wheeler present three go-to lures that will help you catch shallow bass throughout the day and year. These three lures will allow you to cover water, fish effectively in and around a variety of cover types, and work the depth spectrum from top-to-bottom.

Featured Product:
Accent Jacob Wheeler Game Changer Buzzbait: http://goo.gl/8xxS4a
Gene Larew Biffle Bug: http://goo.gl/TtA277
Gene Larew Three Legged Frog: http://goo.gl/OKzEDr
Terminator Walking Frog: http://goo.gl/HQfhcB


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