9lb Largemouth on Roman Made Mother Swimbait

Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams is known for catching big Largemouth on Swimbaits, but how about when your swimbait costs $450. If you are in pursuit of the biggest fish I guess you must be willing to pay. If you can put big bass like this in the boat it is all worth it.

Roman Made Mother Swimbait

The Roman Made Mother Swimbait

The Roman made Mother  is a handmade wooden swimbait and weighs a little over half a pound and is barely under a foot long. Typically Bass try to swallow swimbaits head first. Do to the Mother’s movement and size, bass tend to attack it from all angles. One thing different about this swimbait versus many other swimbaits on the market is that even at pause it continues moving due to its handcrafted angles. When the Mother is not moving it stays perfectly straight and slowing sinks further down into the water. Even at a step price point this is a highly sought after bait for the sheer fact that if a fish does attempt to destroy it, its going to be big. Oliver more than proves how capable this Roman Made Mother Swimbait can be.

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Brian Cornelison

Brian Cornelison

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