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9lb Largemouth Bass on the Roman Made Mothe...

Mar 25, 2017No Comments

Cast to Catch POV video of a 9lb 7oz Largemouth that fell for the Roman Made Mother Swimbait in San Diego, CA. Public water, as

Bass Fishing with the Megabass Islide 262T ...

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Here’s some action captured in the fall of 2015 using the Megabass I-Slide 262t… Available at source

Bass Eats Trout Swimbait Big Bass Dreams

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

8 pound classLargemouth bass eats a 9 inch trout pattern glide bait source

Look At This – Big Bass Dreams Editio...

Mar 19, 2017No Comments

Would you look at that… source

17lb Largemouth On the Brecknell Scale

Mar 17, 2017No Comments

That moment when a DREAM is REALIZED! 17.40 or 17 pounds – 7 ounces. A Fish of a lifetime… Get ready to see the entire

Big Bass Dreams – Reality Check Vol 2...

Mar 15, 2017No Comments

Sometimes we start off our day of fishing on the wrong foot… source

Tiger Woods Goes Bass Fishing

Mar 13, 2017No Comments

Tiger Woods (Oliver Ngy) with his Caddy (Victor Yang) out enjoying a day of Bass Fishing in Southern California. Fishing isolated grass patches near sunken

Big Bass Dreams Jarrett Jones Savage Gear L...

Mar 11, 2017No Comments

Our good friend Jarrett Jones gettting it done with the new Savage Gear Line Thru Swimbait on the East Coast!!!! source

Big Bass Dreams Frog Fishing on Havasu R...

Mar 09, 2017No Comments

Manny Chee of, Alex Kim and Oliver Ngy spent a few days on Lake Havasu on the California/Arizona border fishing swimbaits and frogs. On

Big Bass Dreams Theme – Big Baits, Th...

Mar 07, 2017No Comments

Big Bass Dreams, Dream Team in a studio sesh, while Dimension drops BBD theme song / show intro. source