Bass Pro Shops Extreme Baitcast Reel ETX10HLE Review & Tips (TeamRippnLipz1)

This is a Small Review with a few tips on the Bass Pro Shops ETX10HLE Left hand Baitcast reel….

Line i used: Stren 14lbs Mono low vis Green Line… $5
Rod i used: Field&Stream IM6 Series Trigger 7ft 2pc…. ROD Price: $24.99

Reel Price: $59.99+SH

Total Price: $94.99 before tax GREAT DEAL


Enjoy tournament ready technology
Six separate performance versions plus three left-hand models
Tough 1-piece aluminum frame
Free-floating machined-aluminum spool
Seven-bearing system plus Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse
Micro-adjustable Free Zone magnetic braking
six-disc Teflon® glass/stainless drag stack
Recurve-style handle
“These Extreme Baitcasters won’t let you down in a tournament situation. Take it from me, these reels are always up to the challenge.”

Stacey King, 12-Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier

With the Bass Pro Shops Extreme Baitcast Reels, you get all the tournament ready technology the big guys depend on, plus the confidence in knowing that your reel is perfectly matched to the kind of fishing you’re into. With six separate performance versions plus three left-hand models, the Extreme Baitcast Reel series easily covers the widest range of techniques and presentations. The Free Zone Braking System helps you make that perfect cast, regardless of the lure size or wind conditions! Power comes easy with the six-disc Teflon® glass/stainless drag system that cranks out up to 10 lbs. of bass-busting drag pressure. All the power is handled with a smooth 7-bearing system, featuring double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and one Powerlock instant anti-reverse bearing. Every Extreme Baitcast Reel is built on a strong and durable one-piece aluminum frame with a free-floating machined-aluminum spool and titanium-coated line guide. It’s finished off with our Recurve Handle and click star drag that moves the reel’s center of gravity inward for a sleek, balanced feel when reeling in your limit. The 6 versions of our Extreme Baitcast Reel Series includes: Super High Speed 7.1:1 (Models ETX10SHC and EXT10SHLC), High Speed 6.4:1 (Models ETX10HE and ETX10HLE) and Standard 5.4:1 (Models ETX10SE and ETX10SLE) retrieve, all available in both right-and left-handed models; Flipping (Model ETX10HFC) includes flipping switch, 6.4:1 retrieve is ideal for flipping and pitching for bass and bottom bouncing for walleye; Wide Spool (Model ETX20HC) has increased line capacity, 6.4:1 retrieve and is great for heavy line and larger baits; and Lite (Model ETX05HC) has a smaller frame, 6.3:1 and is ideal for smaller baits and finesse situations.


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