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Bass Tackle Saltwater Challenge ft. BlacktipH

After seeing how hard the Bonito and some of these other species fight, I decided to take some bass tackle out to the ocean to see if it could hold up to the power of a fish swimming for it’s life. BlacktipH and I team up to see if it’s possible to land a bonito on bass tackle that’s being chased by sharks! We loose some fish to sharks but end up landing some too.

GEAR: Shimano Curado 200i on Shimano Expride 7’1″ Heavy Action Rod and 50LB Power Pro Super Slick w/ 40LB Bull Buster Leader

Shimano Curado 300E with Shimano 7’3″ Expride Heavy Action Rod and 40LB Bull Buster Braid w/ 40LB Bull Buster Leader
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