Bass Fishing Knots

Frog Fishing Using A Loop Knot

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Pro Angler and host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW Dave Mercer explains the importance of using a loop knot while top water fishing the

FLW Fishing 101 | S01E04: Tying Knots

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FLW’s Kyle Wood demonstrates how to tie three knots — the Palomar, Snell and Alberto. The Palomar and Snell are great line-to-lure knots while the

Bass Fishing for Beginners: Knots

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Now it’s time to learn the essential knots for a fisherman. source

Easy Fishing Knot on your Topwater Baits

May 14, 2015Comments off… – The line I use for topwater Easy knot for using on topwater baits rated: viewed:15973 source

Great Knot for Fluorocarbon Based Lines ...

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How to tie the often requested Double San Diego Jam Knot. Used by many salt water anglers, it is a very strong knot for throwing

Hooking Up with Shakey Heads

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Here are some tips on how to hook up more and not break off nearly as much using shakey heads. I went through many breaks