Bass Fishing 101

Rod and Reel: Maintenance, Tuning, and Clea...

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Tim breaks down how to keep your equipment in perfect shape. There are so many variables in fishing that are out of your control but

How to Choose a Frog Rod, Reel and Line Com...

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Jimmy Mason shares his tips for choosing a setup for fishing frogs on grass lakes like Guntersville. source

Tying the Three-Tag Knot for Fishing

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FLW Tour pro Patrick Bone talks about his favorite knot for bass fishing, the 3-tag knot. source

How to Select Good Bass Fishing Crankbait C...

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Mark Menendez explains how to select good crankbait colors when bass fishing. source

How to Tie a King Sling Loop Knot

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Matt Allen of walks you through how to tie the King Sling knot. Its a great night for topwater, swimbaits, and any other bait

How to rig a Float n Fly

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Matt Allen of shares how to rig a “float n fly”. This is not only a great techinique for smallmouth, it catches spotted bass

How To Cusomize Crankbaits (With Decoy Y-S2...

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Thanks for watching todays video, feel free to leave any questions about the products mentioned today via email ( or in the comment section. Good

How To Make Swimbaits Last Longer

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Matt Allen of shows how to modify your swimbaits and swimbait harnesses to last longer. Catch more fish and save money with … source

How to take apart a Daiwa model & My c...

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This video shows you how to take apart a Daiwa Model reel and what types of cameras to use for quick uploads on video source

How to Modify a Swim Jig

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Matt Allen of shows simple modifications that anyone can make to a swim jig or switchblade jig to get better action out of the