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New Boot Tail Swimbait! – LFT Boot Ta...

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SEE ALL COLORS I think this is going to be one of the baits that many pros throw but don’t talk about. It’s a

Sam Lashlee | Best Fall Baits

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Strike King pro Sam Lashlee explains his favorite fall baits and where he likes to throw them in fall conditions. Lashlee gives us the first

KVD on Choosing Jerkbaits Based on Conditio...

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Some great information from Kevin VanDam on fishing jerkbaits like his Strike King KVD Slash Bait. He catches a couple while explaining about how he

Hard Body Swimbait Tips

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Pro angler and host of Facts of Fishing Dave Mercer gives a few tips on how to catch more fish using Storm’s Kickin Stick hard

Which Swimbaits Catch Fish?

Jun 24, 2015Comments off

Matt Allen helps sort through all the swimbaits on the market to reveal the handful that consistently put fish in the boat season after season.

How To Modify a Huddleston Swimbait

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Matt Allen of shows how to do simple modifications to a huddleston deluxe 8″ trout swimbait. These modifications can be done to any …

Choosing the Right Tackle for Jerkbait Fish...

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Kevin VanDam goes over the right tackle for fishing jerkbaits. source

How To Rig a Dropshot Worm

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*Here are the links to the equipment used in the video* Hook: Line: Weight: Lure: source

How to Rig a Worm Right for Bass

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Rigging soft plastic worms right can help your bait look more natural to the fish. Straight tail worms like finesse worms and stick baits are