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Big Swimbait Smallmouth | Megabass Magdraft...

Nov 14, 2015Comments off

It was Friday evening at the boat ramp when I met Nicholas Chen, by Saturday- we were slamming Big Swimbait Smallmouth Bass on the river.

NEW Spring Time Baits for Big Bass

Oct 16, 2015Comments off

You can find these baits at Music: source

Evolve Baits DarkStar Swimmer: Montage and ...

Sep 27, 2015Comments off

In this video I discuss Evolve Baits newly released DarkStar Swimmer made swimjig trailers, spinnerbait trailers, Alabama rigs, and swimbait fishing. Enjoy! source

How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring B...

Sep 12, 2015Comments off

John Crews talks about conditions and clarity and how it affects his color choices when throwing shallow to medium diving crankbaits in the spring. A

Tips for Selecting Swimbait Color Patterns

Sep 08, 2015Comments off

With all the swimbaits on the market its menacing to try and choose the right bait in the right color. Matt Allen of breaks

Magnum Lizards for Summer Bass

Aug 30, 2015Comments off

Adam Hinkle’s guest appearance on Tactical Bassin is a huge honor! This guy catches GIANT bass and today he’s sharing his favorite way to fool

How to Improve Your Shaky Head Fishing

Aug 26, 2015Comments off

These tips should help novice and veteran anglers alike improve their fishing with finesse worms and shaky heads when the bite is tough in the

Top 5 Fall Baits to Catch Bigger Bass

Aug 17, 2015Comments off

Fall is a great time to catch giant bass! From topwater to jigs and cranks, learn about the best baits to use so you can

Top 5 baits for Bed Fishing

Jul 22, 2015Comments off

Matt Allen breaks down the Top Baits you need to use this Spring to fool the bass during the spawn. Every fish is different but

Bass May Love This Fishing Lure But So Does...

Jul 20, 2015Comments off

A dragonfly tries mating with Dave’s Strike King Rodent while he throw’s it for big summertime buckets! source