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2016 Rod & Reel Arsenal – Castaw...

May 02, 2017No Comments

Y’all asked for it, so here it is! My 2016 Castaway Rods, Rod and Reel Arsenal!! Just thought I would make this video to hold

Spinnerbait Blade Overview with Aaron Marte...

Apr 30, 2017No Comments

Elite Bassmaster angler Aaron Martens reviews the popular blade styles found on spinnerbaits and describes what situations each excels in. source

Wright McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crankbait...

Apr 28, 2017No Comments

Check out the Wright McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass and Deep Plus Crank Rods. source

Best rod and reel for $30!? (Daiwa Samurai ...

Apr 28, 2017No Comments

These are some of the best cheap rods and reels I’ve used, you can get them in lots of different sizes and they are extremely

Woodrow Rat Topwater Bass Fishing and Lure ...

Apr 26, 2017No Comments

Fishing in San Diego with a Woodrow Rat topwater wakebait. I got this bait in Summer of 2013, and have thrown it 90% of my

December Mystery Tackle Box #1 2014 (Ice Fi...

Apr 24, 2017No Comments

Here is the December Mystery Tackle Box Ice Fishing Edition. This box was packed with awesome high quality baits and ice fishing gear. Definitely well

Walmart Rod/Reel Combo Review + ANNOUNCEMEN...

Apr 24, 2017No Comments

Hey guys Today ill be doing a quick review of a budget Walmart rod/reel combo. plus i have a announcement to make!!! enjoy!! source

MegaStrike Strikeback Spinnerbait

Apr 22, 2017No Comments

Get Reel Bass Fishing presenting the Strikeback Spinnerbait from MegaStrike!/MegaStrike source

SPRO LIttle John and Fat John Crankbait Lin...

Apr 20, 2017No Comments

John Crews reviews the Spro Little John and Fat John crankbait lineup, including where and when to throw them. source

Okuma Helios TCS Reel Review

Apr 20, 2017No Comments

Here’s my review of the Okuma TCS Reel. Check out for more info on this reel and others. source