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Reel Reviews

Best rod and reel for $30!? (Daiwa Samurai ...

Apr 28, 2017No Comments

These are some of the best cheap rods and reels I’ve used, you can get them in lots of different sizes and they are extremely

Walmart Rod/Reel Combo Review + ANNOUNCEMEN...

Apr 24, 2017No Comments

Hey guys Today ill be doing a quick review of a budget Walmart rod/reel combo. plus i have a announcement to make!!! enjoy!! source

Okuma Helios TCS Reel Review

Apr 20, 2017No Comments

Here’s my review of the Okuma TCS Reel. Check out https://www.okumafishing.com for more info on this reel and others. source

13 Fishing Concept A3 Swimbait reel

Apr 16, 2017No Comments

I go over the new 13 Fishing Concept A3 swimbait reel that is sheduled for release in November. I’m really excited to be able to

Al Tone’s Googan Style Review of the ...

Apr 12, 2017No Comments

This is my Review of the Bass Pro MegaCast Baitcasting Reel ( http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Megacast-Baitcast-Reel/product/2334745/) Check below for other links to some of the Tackle I use.

Orvis Reel ~ Fly Fishing for Rock Bass ...

Apr 08, 2017No Comments

Panfishing after supper with my new Orvis Access fly reel, immediately after the very first spring thunderstorm of the year. Very calm and refreshing! Hopper

Pflueger President Micro Spinning Reel

Apr 04, 2017No Comments

Quick overview of the Pflueger President Micro Spinning Reel. source

2014 Rod and Reel Arsenal – Bass Fish...

Mar 31, 2017No Comments

Here is my 2014 rod and reel arsenal. These are not all of the rods that I own, but these are the ones I take

Quantum Fishing’s KVD Reel Review

Mar 27, 2017No Comments

Click here to purchase this reel: http://bit.ly/15oHtop Check out this Link for Frog Fishing For Bass!!! http://peakperformancefishing.com/op/frog-fishing-mastery-get-started-nc-2/ Check out this Link for free videos and

Tips To Get the Best Baitcasting Reel | Bai...

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Looking for the Best Baitcasting Reel and Baitcasting Reel Reviews go to http://bestbaitcastingreels.com If you’re an angler and you want to use a wide range