Reel Reviews

Bail-less Spinning Reel Faster Bass Fishing

Feb 11, 2017No Comments

Demonstration on how to fish faster with bail cut off of spinning reel. source

Shimano IX1000R Spinning Reel Review by MUD...

Feb 05, 2017No Comments

In this video we review the Shimano IX1000 Fishing Reel. This Spinning Reel works well for catching small fish including trout, bass, and salmon. This

Lance Baker product review on his favorite ...

Jan 30, 2017No Comments

Fishing Pro Lance Baker tells about his favorite rod and reel combo for pitching and flipping for largemouth, smallmouth and kentucky spotted bass, excellent information.

Japanese Casting Reel With a Digitial Chip?...

Jan 24, 2017No Comments

My lord, what a reel! I cannot wait to put this to the test and learn what this reel has to offer. This is a

Braided Fishing Line vs Monofilament –...

Jan 18, 2017No Comments

With so many types of fishing line to choose from, which one should you select? Capt. Chris Myers tells about the differences between fishing lines

How To Make Fishing Reels Last Longer ̵...

Jan 12, 2017No Comments

If you’re like me and don’t like to waste money on bass fishing gear, then this tip is for you. It took me many years

Rod, Reel, and Bait Arsenal for Bass Fishin...

Jan 06, 2017No Comments

A quick run though of the rods and setups I take out when I’m headed out to fish brushpiles, shellbars, or whatever I can find

Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Arsenal 2015

Dec 31, 2016No Comments

These are our bass fishing rods for 2015. Unless you are a tournament fisherman do not feel the need to get lots of rods! If

Asian Bass Guy Quantum energy pt 40 spinnin...

Dec 25, 2016No Comments

This is a review on a Quantum energy pt 40 spinning reel.!/Sunjinmoon source

How To Fix Line Twist In Spinning Reels | B...

Dec 19, 2016No Comments

Frustrated with line twists on your spinning reels? Here’s how to untangle the mess, and how to prevent line twists from happening in the future.