Big Bass Dreams

Big Bass Dreams Make You Feel That Way HD

Mar 03, 2017No Comments

Fishing makes us “Feel That Way”…a sequence from Arizona with Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams and Manny Chee of Manny Chee Outdoors! source

8+ pound Largemouth Bass Eats a Swimbait Sh...

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A segment from the film, Big Bass Dreams – Volume 1: As the 9″ Jerry Rago SKT Swimbait is being pulled out of the water to make another cast, a big largemouth decides it wants it for

Big Bass Dreams – Personal Best Strip...

Feb 27, 2017No Comments

A short featuring a friend, Jared and I one foggy morning in the hunt for the elusive striper. Jared had just lost one first thing in the morning. source

Big Bass Dreams Roman Made Mother Swimbait ...

Feb 23, 2017No Comments

One just shy of 10 eats the mother swimbait in Sunny Southern California source

Megabass Deep X-300 Crankbait

Megabass Deep X-300 Swallowed – Big B...

May 18, 2016No Comments

Megabass Deep X-300 Swallowed Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams has been making his way around many of the South’s premiere lakes these last couple months as well as traveling along the California coast. Oliver stopped by

9lb Largemouth on Roman Made Mother Swimbai...

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Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams is known for catching big Largemouth on Swimbaits, but how about when your swimbait costs $450. If you are in pursuit of the biggest fish I guess you must be willing

Catch Largemouth Bass

Cast To Catch Largemouth Bass – Big B...

Nov 25, 2015No Comments

Cast to catch largemouth bass footage of a 10 pound 0 ounce in February of 2012. This is 2 out of 17 fish that weighed 10lbs or bigger that year. This one was caught on a huddleston swimbait

Freshwater bass

The Pursuit of Freshwater Bass – Intr...

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The Pursuit of Freshwater Bass – Introduction to Oliver Ngy The debut and launch of Oliver’s new website A platform for sharing exclusive content with his fans and freinds. Welcome to my new website. Here I am

10 pound Largemouth Bass

10 Pound Largemouth Bass – “Cas...

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Big Bass Dreams – “Cast to Catch” 10 pound Largemouth Bass Oliver Ngy with another cool “Cast to Catch” clip of a double digit 10 pound largemouth bass that ate a Jerry Rago Soft Tool Swimbait. source

bass fishing

Oliver Ngy Goes Bass Fishing Using a Spider...

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Oliver Ngy Goes Bass Fishing Using a Spiderman Pole Watch Oliver Ngy go bass fishing on a Spiderman fishing pole that you can find for your child at your local Wal Mart, Tacke Shops, and Sporting Goods