Lake Fork Guy

Epic Stingray Battle ft. BlacktipH

Oct 22, 2015Comments off

Previous Stingray Attempt The Blacktip Hunter and I go for my third attempt to catch a big stingray. After getting defeated and embarrassed in previous attempts, this time was an epic fight of 2 guys VS one

Best Docks to Fish for Bass

Oct 18, 2015Comments off

Dock fishing a fun way to catch bass at anytime of the year. My favorite time of year to fish docks for bass is in the fall. Not all docks are created equal however. Finding the depth

Bass Tackle Saltwater Challenge ft. Blackti...

Oct 14, 2015Comments off

After seeing how hard the Bonito and some of these other species fight, I decided to take some bass tackle out to the ocean to see if it could hold up to the power of a fish

Noisy Topwater Lure Test

Sep 24, 2015Comments off

Trying out a new topwater lure here. I tried the Jackall Pompadour last year and liked the actions but didn’t get many bites because it was a little too big for most lakes. The new Pompadour Jr.

Mutant Goliath Bass Groupers Destroy Tackle

Sep 20, 2015Comments off

BlacktipH and LakeForkGuy get destroyed by these small but very powerful juvenile groupers. Always handle these guys with care! SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Have more questions or want to follow me around my outdoor circles?

Fishing Life – Pre Fishing @ Lake Nor...

Sep 19, 2015Comments off

Justin Rackley practices for the PAA Series event on Lake Norman source

Steph’s First Bass in the Lily Pads

Sep 17, 2015Comments off

My wife Stephanie after much diligence, finally caught her first bass out of the lily pads. She prefers using spinning gear, so I had her using some beefed up taking with 50b braid to be able to

Bass Fishing Crankbaits on Rip Rip Tips

Sep 16, 2015Comments off

Fishing crank baits on rip rap is a good way to catch bass in low light hours and in summer and fall especially. Here are a few tips I have learned through the years on cranking rip

How to Unsnag Lures on the Fly

Sep 15, 2015Comments off

A quick tip on fishing crankbaits. When you are trying to cover water and need to be quick and efficient with your time, it pays to know this little trick for un snagging crank baits and other

Lake Monticello Butterbeans

Sep 14, 2015Comments off

Brandon Dickenson and Justin Rackley take a trip to Lake Monticello for some winter bass fishing source