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Snake in the Boat

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Angry Bass Eats Swimbait

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This bass was guarding some fry. During this time of post spawn, bluegill imitating baits can be really good. They hate BlueGill I was throwing the new Jackall Gantarel Swimbait in the Ghost Gill Color SUBSCRIBE if

Fishing the Flutter Spoon for Bass Offshore

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This is an in depth look at finding bass offshore and then targeting them with a flutter spoon. I used a 4 inch LFT flutter spoon here. SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Have more questions or want

PAA Lake Toho Take Off

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Justin Rackley captures the morning madness before he takes off to fish on lake toho source

LakeForkGuy Channel Update- Thank You!

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BBB – Thanks for Watching source

Giant Bass Double #15secondfishcatch

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Go vote this up at 2 Giant Bass caught on an Umbrella rig at the same time source

Loosing Big Bass Sucks…

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Loosing 1 big bass is disappointing, but loosing multiple big bass in a row in really depressing. This video is for every angler that’s ever had one of those kind of days. Sometimes, it’s just not your

Bass Brigade

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Justin goes to the TPWD bass brigade camp, a unique and educational camp based around bass fishing source

Fall Bass Fishing with My Pals – The ...

Aug 26, 2015Comments off – Follow my Tweets! Some random footage of me, my dad, and good friend and FLW Tour Pro Tom Redington hitting lake Fork in the Fall. We used everything from carolina rigs to crankbaits, and

Bass Fishing Flood Waters Tactics

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When the lakes get flooded, there are often a few key things to look for that will help you save time in searching for where the bass are in all of the new water. SUBSCRIBE if you