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Andrew Flair Doesn’t Always Catch Sma...

Jun 20, 2017No Comments

Was a great day of bass fishing with Andrew Flair and Job B here in Texas. These guys aren’t used to Texas Bass Fishing so


Jun 12, 2017No Comments

Took Sarah bass fishing and she got onto the biggest fish of her life which was awesome! Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP! Follow

Best Pond Baits For Under $50 – Bass ...

Jun 09, 2017No Comments

It’s about time I put out a video for the pond bass fishing guys! Hopefully this helps you guys select your next batch of baits

The Bass Fishing Taco Bell Challenge Ft. Jo...

Jun 06, 2017No Comments

If you want to see the sweet original version of the Taco Bell challenge then check out APBassin channel. Its a pretty sick video. This

Body Bags and Hand Grenades

Jun 03, 2017No Comments

Well here is another story for you guys from Afghanistan. If you enjoy these type of videos please make sure to hit that THUMBS UP

Going After River Monsters in Canada

May 31, 2017No Comments

These White Sturgeon are some of the hardest fighting fish I have ever had the chance to hookup with! Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video

Bass Fishing With The Googan Squad

May 28, 2017No Comments

Bass fishing on these Florida ponds is always a good time. We will be doing more bass fishing tomorrow before we have to leave this

He has no clue what he is doing….

May 25, 2017No Comments

The hello kitty wrap is coming so don’t worry! I will be heading up to Baltimore for a few days to hang out with Mike

Why Does Peric Always Do This….

May 22, 2017No Comments

Great day of fishing but there is always something like this that happens with Peric…..Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you

Fishing Random Ponds With 1Rod1ReelFishing ...

May 19, 2017No Comments

Got into Florida and the first thing we did is try and locate some random ponds. We will be going out tomorrow in search for