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May 16, 2017No Comments

Well bass fishing here in Florida can get interesting at times….Make sure to hit up Joey if you are looking for any type of guide

Roulette Bass Fishing Challenge

May 13, 2017No Comments

This is a new bass fishing challenge that we haven’t done before. Let me know what you guys think! Make sure to hit that THUMBS

Hunting Taliban

May 10, 2017No Comments

Hunting seems like the correct word to use for this series. Never Fear Anything T-Shirts – More Military Stories – ►Send Mail Here-

Biggest Fan Mail Unboxing Yet

May 07, 2017No Comments

It is awesome to see all this stuff being sent over to me. You guys are awesome. We are back in Texas for a few

The BEST Bass Fishing Tip I Have EVER Put O...

May 04, 2017No Comments

This has to be one of my best bass fishing tips I have put out I believe. It will help you organize your tackle and

I Shouldn’t Have Uploaded This

May 01, 2017No Comments

Wasn’t the greatest day on the water but daily uploads lead to these kind of videos. At least it had some funny moments! (AD)Spinning Rod

That Would Happen To Him…

Apr 28, 2017No Comments

Yes we went bass fishing. Was another hot day here in Texas but it was more productive than the last. Hope you guys enjoyed the

I Should Be Dead

Apr 25, 2017No Comments

Just another day in Afghanistan Never Fear Anything T-Shirts – ►Send Mail Here- LunkersTV P.O. Box 151452 Arlington, Texas 76015 ► Buy LunkersTV Gear

Q&A with Jon B, Peric and Myself

Apr 22, 2017No Comments

We are traveling to Chicago and thought it was good to answer some of the questions that have been coming though. I will be in

Try Not To Puke Bass Fishing Challenge

Apr 19, 2017No Comments

This was the nastiest bass fishing challenge we have ever done. If you enjoyed the video then make sure to please hit that THUMBS UP