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Got Him a Present

Apr 16, 2017No Comments

Well APbassin is in town for a few days. We will be hitting up a few local lakes as well as some creeks down south.

The Most Serious Bass Fishing Tournament Ev...

Apr 13, 2017No Comments

We had a friendly bass fishing tournament against Fluke and Andrew Flair. We had a pretty solid sack but we thought it was an unfair

That Bass Pooped on Me

Apr 10, 2017No Comments

Well bass fishing never get any better when you get pooped on. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the

The Struggle is REAL

Apr 07, 2017No Comments

Another fun day of bass fishing here in Florida! Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me!! Watch this – Perics Channel –

Burning Swimbaits

Apr 04, 2017No Comments

Went out bass fishing right before a big storm was rolling in. Those bass were out and moving trying to find some food. Make sure

Fishing Grass Mats For Big Bass

Apr 01, 2017No Comments

Bass fishing here in Florida with Scott Martin and Jon B has started off on the right foot. We linked up with a few good

That Will NEVER Happen Again!!

Mar 29, 2017No Comments

(AD)Get your SkyBell Here – Well I am telling you now that we will never ever get stuck in the woods again. Sometimes you

Yum Dinger VS Senko – Underwater Foot...

Mar 26, 2017No Comments

This is for all the bass fishing guys who have been asking me for this video! Let me know in the comment section below on

We Made It…Somehow

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

On the way up north to do some crazy fishing. We have never done anything like this but we are going to be traveling the

She Answered You Guys

Mar 20, 2017No Comments

We got her to answer the questions you guys asked..Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the video!!! ►Send Mail