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The Full Story on Keeping Bass Alive in a L...

May 17, 2017No Comments

Jon Henry is passionate about taking care of his fishery and the bass. He wants more people to be educated on how to keep bass alive in a livewell in the hotter summer months. This is a

Jerkbait Bass Fishing in Cold Water

May 16, 2017No Comments

Mark Zona shares his unique approach to jerkbait fishing bass in cold water – it’s a potential Bassmaster Classic-winning method when the event is held during a cold period. According to Z-Train, it isn’t about the jerk.


May 16, 2017No Comments

Well bass fishing here in Florida can get interesting at times….Make sure to hit up Joey if you are looking for any type of guide service down in Florida. Hit that THUMBS UP for me if you

Fishing the Megabass 5.8 Dot Crawler

May 16, 2017No Comments

Fishing with the Megabass 5.8 Dot Crawler was the ticket for the last week or 2 where these fish see the other “stick” style baits often. The subtle differences in the Dot Crawler proved to be highly

Big 8-pound bass caught on Zoom Swimmer Swi...

May 15, 2017No Comments

Terry Bolton landed this 8-pound bass on the new Zoom Swimmer swimbait ( during our first test of the lures. ========= ABOUT US: ========= Wired2fish is one of the most popular recreational fishing brands in the world.

Upsizing Jerkbaits for Fall and Spring Bass

May 14, 2017No Comments

When bass go on the feed before and after cold winters, a bigger jerkbait can make for much better and bigger bass fishing! Kyle shares his best tips for upsizing your jerkbaits in these feed zones. Perhaps

Defiant 232 Swimbait Swim Promo

May 14, 2017No Comments

We’re excited to announce we have been hired to help document the testing of these exciting new swimbaits from ! Subscribe to their email list on the website and stay tuned for more content coming soon!

Why You Should Fish Jerkbaits for Post Spaw...

May 13, 2017No Comments

Bass fisherman hype the use of jerkbaits during the prespawn period, and often shelve them once the spawn begins. As Elite Series pro Dave Lefebre explains, you’re missing out on big bass that pull out of the

Roulette Bass Fishing Challenge

May 13, 2017No Comments

This is a new bass fishing challenge that we haven’t done before. Let me know what you guys think! Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you guys enjoyed the video! – Follow the

High Speed Gear Ratios for Everything Bass

May 12, 2017No Comments

It’s tough to argue with success, so when Elite Series AOY Champion Aaron Martens says that 23 of his 25 boat-based casting reels are 8.5:1, we listen. When he speaks of high speed, we’re talking faster than