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Fishing and Rigging the Megabass Magdraft W...

May 12, 2017No Comments

Fishing for trout and Kokanee eating bass on public lakes throughout California. Both Magdraft and Magslowl swimbaits available here – Tackle Breakdown- Rod – Megabass Levante Leviathan Reel – 5.8:1 Ratio Line – 25 and 30lb

Swimming Worms Through Grass for Bass

May 11, 2017No Comments

A Texas rig is usually fished in contact with the bottom with either a hopping motion or dragged. The same can said for a jig, but avid bass anglers swim jigs with conviction and produce huge bags.

How to Select Kicker Engines

May 10, 2017No Comments

Kicker engines are extremely useful for many boating situations. They serve as a great backup if you have main engine issues; this is especially important on big water or remote locations. If you’re a troller and have

Hunting Taliban

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Hunting seems like the correct word to use for this series. Never Fear Anything T-Shirts – More Military Stories – ►Send Mail Here- LunkersTV P.O. Box 151452 Arlington, Texas 76015 ► Buy LunkersTV Gear Here

Sneak Peak at the 2016 Big Bass Dreams Rang...

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This should prove to be an interesting and adventurous season for the Big Bass Dream Team! source

How to Rig Bow-Mount Trolling Motors

May 09, 2017No Comments

For bass, musky, panfish, and even a lot of walleye anglers, the bow of the boat has become the primary fishing position, and bow-mount trolling motors the most vital boat control tool you have. Do-it-youself trolling motor

When to Use Silent Lipless Crankbaits

May 08, 2017No Comments

Rattling lipless crankbaits are an excellent way to catch bass throughout much of the year. Timmy Horton uses silent lipless crankbaits as an effective remedy when the bass get lockjaw or conditioned to rattling baits. These lures

Cast to Not Quite Catch on the Hobie

May 08, 2017No Comments

A full “Cast to Catch” video of a big swimbait eating largemouth out of the Hobie PA 14. What did we learn from this experience – 1. Don’t use a 9 foot rod in a kayak 2.

Use the Turtle Pattern for Springtime Bass

May 07, 2017No Comments

Using wildlife as cues to the activity in a fishing area is something a lot of savvy anglers do. Terry Brown discusses observing turtles to figure out what is going on with the bass. Featured Product: 13

Biggest Fan Mail Unboxing Yet

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It is awesome to see all this stuff being sent over to me. You guys are awesome. We are back in Texas for a few days but I will be getting some fishing in before I leave