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Best Fishing Knots For Braided Line

Best Fishing Knots for Braided Line

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What are some of the best fishing knots for braided line and connecting them to your Flourocarbon or Monofilament leader? Matt Allen goes over his top knots for using braided line while he is out fishing on the

Gary Dobyns on winning the US Open

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Gary Dobyns talks about his win at the 2009 US Open. He talks about what it took, how he did it, and where he fished. Listen to the passion that went into the … source

How To Rig Stinger Hooks

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Matt Allen of http://www.tacticalbassin.com teaches 4 different options for attaching stinger hooks to swimbaits. He covers the use of wire and crimps, single … source

13 pound bass on the Alabama Rig

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Matt Allen sits down after catching a 13 lb largemouth bass on an umbrella rig and gives tips on how to set up the alabama rig, what swimbaits to use as trailers, … source

How to Tie Snell Knots

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Learn to tie two varieties of snell knots. The first is a quick and easy way tie a snell knot in braided line for flipping and punching. The second can be tied in any … source

Punching the CA Delta

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Justin gives a quick intro to punching heavy cover with a variety of baits. He covers the benefits of texas rigs, jigs, and punch weights for different types of cover. source

How to Catch the Fish of a Lifetime: Full S...

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Matt Allen of Tacticalbassin.com did a seminar at the International Sportsman’s Expo. The topic was “How to Catch the Fish of a Lifetime”, breaking down … source

Night Fishing Tips – Jigs

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Matt Allen of tacticalbassin.com discusses a variety of tips and techniques for fishing jigs at night. He covers flippin, pitchin, and swimming a jig in the dark. source

Bass Fishing: Treble Hooks and Lure Modific...

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Matt Allen shows how to adjust your hooks to land more fish. From weighting and balancing to controlling how a fish eats a lure, Matt will show you all the tricks … source

Rod and Reel: Maintenance, Tuning, and Clea...

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Tim breaks down how to keep your equipment in perfect shape. There are so many variables in fishing that are out of your control but your equipment is not one … source