Productive Fall Fishing

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If you follow any of my YouTube videos, (Channel Name: Fishing Louisiana) you probably have a perception that squarebill crankbaits are one of my absolute favorite lures to catch Largemouth Bass, especially in the Fall. In this

Fishing Flat Sided Crankbaits in the Spring

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Fishing Flat Sided Crankbaits in the Spring Fluke Master Gene Jenson loves fishing flat sided crankbaits during the pre spawn when the bass are first moving up into the shallows. There is a difference between a square

Deep Cranking Fall Smallmouth Bass Feeding ...

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Cranking for big schools of Smallmouth Bass in Fall of October 2014. How to crank bait fish for small mouth bass. Learning how to crank bait fish for bass. How to … source

Bass Fishing Crankbaits on Rip Rip Tips

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Fishing crank baits on rip rap is a good way to catch bass in low light hours and in summer and fall especially. Here are a few tips I have learned through the years on cranking rip

How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring B...

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John Crews talks about conditions and clarity and how it affects his color choices when throwing shallow to medium diving crankbaits in the spring. A good lesson for all anglers. source

Throwing Livetarget Craw Cranks & Stri...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer hit’s up a back lake in his tricked out G3. He throw’s a combo of craw imitating baits and boats some big buckets!

Catch Bass in Cooling Water by Fishing the ...

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Mark Menendez loves to fish for bass with crankbaits in cold water. He starts in fall and will catch them in the winter and especially in the prespawn on cold water crankbaits. He shares some great insight

Lipless Crankbaits: Tips, Tackle, and Techn...

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Lipless cranks aren’t just for warm water. These 4 retrieves will help you catch big bass on rattle baits in cold water from early fall all the way to the spawn in … source

How to Fish a Crankbait Through Brush (Worm...

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Fishing a crankbait through brush (worming) is a great way to trigger reaction strikes from bass used to seeing jigs and Texas rigs. Walker Smith shares some common sense how-to on working the crankbait through wood without

Fishing Lipless Crankbaits for Springtime B...

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Terry Bolton shows the effectiveness of fishing lipless crankbaits over shallow rocks in the springtime. He shares some tips on retrieve methods and lure color for cold, dingy water. source