Learning What Your Crankbait Feels like and...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster MC Dave Mercer sings his way into a fall bucket. Dave explains why practicing retrieves with your crankbaits and leaning how they feel will help you

Crankbait Bass: Late Fall Fishing

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Late Fall crankbait fishing with a Bill Norman SX shad crankbait bouncing if off rock ledges and getting those big bass to strike hard! source

Beyond the Basics – Dudley on Summert...

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Three-time Angler of the Year David Dudley explains his process for finding and catching offshore bass in the summertime. Dudley details his rod and crankbait selection and shows viewers how to utilize both GPS mapping and StructureScan

The ChatterSwim – Catching Big Bass E...

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The Phenix Jigs are hard to come by now – try local tackle shops… -LFT Live Magic Shads Deadly combo anywhere you fish. It not a secret anymore but it still dominates. rated: viewed:66562 source

Bass Fishing Hook Set Basics

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Back to basics this time. I go through the differences in setting the hook with single style hooks like jigs and texas rigs VS treble hook or exposed hook style baits. VIDEOS FORM LAST TIMETOURNAMENT LIFE VIDEO-