Drop Shot Fishing

Drop Shot Largemouth Bass Hagg Lake Oregon

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Fishing on Hagg Lake in Oregon can be tough if you don’t know where the bass are and what they do. This day started at 11 AM and we couldn’t sniff a bite until 6PM when I

Senkos & Frogs — Summer Bass Fis...

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HOT summer bite using frogs and senkos. source

Swimming Finesse Baits with Drop Shot Rig f...

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John Murray talks about how he swims a drop shot rig when fishing for bass in a more horizontal approach whereas the traditional drop shot is thought of as more of a vertical approach. We’ve talked with

Spinnerbaits & Drop Shots on Lake St. ...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer joins Bassmaster Elite Series Champ Jonathon Van Dam for some Lake St. Clair smallmouth. source

How to Drop Shot Grass Lines

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It’s easy to overcomplicate certain tactics in fishing, and drop shotting is one of them. John Murray presents his go-to way to rig a drop shot when fishing grass. Follow this simple approach to catch finicky bass

How to Drop Shot Bass Fishing Technique

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How to dropshot- Ott Defoe, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, explains how to effectively fish & rig dropshots. Find the fishing rods used in this video at … source

Covering Water With a Shallow Water Drop Sh...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer talks covering water when fishing a drop shot in shallow water. source

Catching Giant Smallies on a Drop Shot

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Pro angler and host of Facts of Fishing Dave Mercer learns a few tricks about drop shotting giant Lake Erie smallies from guide and tournament pro Simon Frost. source

How To Rig a Dropshot Worm

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*Here are the links to the equipment used in the video* Hook: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Gamakatsu_DropSplit_Shot_Hooks/descpage-GSS.html Line: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Sunline_Super_Fluorocarbon_200yd/descpage-SLSF2.html Weight: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Bullet_Weights_Drop_Shot_Weights/descpage-BWDSW.html Lure: http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Zoom_Magnum_Shakey_Head_Worm_15pk/descpage-ZMSH.html source