Jig Fishing In The Northern States

Jig Fishing In The Northern States

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Jig Fishing In The Northern States Bass fishing with Jigs in Michigan or any Northern states is a lot like any other place. It just

Add a Unique Skirt Flare to Bass Jigs

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Gary Klein shows you some of the stuff he likes to do to make an ordinary jig skirt different and better. He has a unique

Night Fishing Tips – Jigs

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Matt Allen of tacticalbassin.com discusses a variety of tips and techniques for fishing jigs at night. He covers flippin, pitchin, and swimming a jig in

Jig Fishing and Proper Rod Action

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Tips on how and when to fish with the Dirty Jigs Grass Jig. Also included is information on rod actions and how to pick the

Swimming Football Jigs for Bass

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Jason talks about how adding another retrieve to fishing a football jig has helped him while be interrupted by a few rude bass. If you

Football Jig Fishing Tips

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Here I explain how I usually fish my football jigs and in what situation. Also, what to look for and the different trailers that can

Jig Styles For Bass Fishing

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A quick tutorial on the various jig head styles from Dirty Jigs Tackle for bass fishing. www.dirtyjigstackle.com. source

How to Improve Your Shaky Head Fishing

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These tips should help novice and veteran anglers alike improve their fishing with finesse worms and shaky heads when the bite is tough in the

Throwing Livetarget Craw Cranks & Stri...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer hit’s up a back lake in his tricked out G3. He

Understanding Jigheads for Bass Fishing Jig...

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Legendary professional bass angler Gary Klein talks about various jigheads for bass fishing jigs and what anglers should consider when choosing the right head for