Bass Fishing Techniques

Modified Albright Knot

Modified Albright Knot – How To

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How To Tie A Modified Albright Knot I use the Modified Albright Knot to join line of different types, sizes or similar sizes together. For instance, tying a fluorocarbon leader to a braid main line. Fold the leader

How To Tie A Palomar Knot

Tie A Palomar Knot – How To

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How To Tie A Palomar Knot I use this knot to tie braided line to hooks and lures or when using a dropshot rig with fluorocarbon line. 1. Take the line and go through the hook eye,

Arbor Knot

Arbor Knot – How To

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How To Tie An Arbor Knot I use the arbor knot to re-line spinning or baitcasting reels. If your using braided line, make sure to use some kind of a backer, like electrical tape, monofilament or fluorocarbon line to

Jig Fishing In The Northern States

Jig Fishing In The Northern States

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Jig Fishing In The Northern States Bass fishing with Jigs in Michigan or any Northern states is a lot like any other place. It just seems to be more of a picky place to fish a jig.

Best Fishing Knots For Braided Line

Best Fishing Knots for Braided Line

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What are some of the best fishing knots for braided line and connecting them to your Flourocarbon or Monofilament leader? Matt Allen goes over his top knots for using braided line while he is out fishing on the

9lb Largemouth on Roman Made Mother Swimbai...

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Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams is known for catching big Largemouth on Swimbaits, but how about when your swimbait costs $450. If you are in pursuit of the biggest fish I guess you must be willing

How does barometric pressure affect fish

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing...

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How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing? Written By Jim Root “Understanding the impact of Barometric Pressure on fish can help you catch more fish!” This article was first published on I’ve been approached many times this year by

Choosing the right rod and reel

Choosing the Right Rod and Reel

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Gene Jenson’s Top 6 recommendations for Choosing the right rod and reel As a bass fisherman choosing the right rod and reel for the different baits you are throwing can make all the difference. If you do not have the proper sensitivity,

palomar knot

Palomar Knot – Step by Step

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One of the simplest, easiest, and strongest fishing knots to tie is the Palomar Knot. This knot is best used on braided line because it does not lose much strength in the line.  You can use this

Tie Two Fishing Lines

How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

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Here’s a video on how to tie two fishing lines together from Andy Doncaster. Andy demonstrates this technique through the use of attaching a braided line to a flouro carbon line. This technique is often used do