Bass Fishing Techniques

Deep Cranking Fall Smallmouth Bass Feeding ...

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Cranking for big schools of Smallmouth Bass in Fall of October 2014. How to crank bait fish for small mouth bass. Learning how to crank bait fish for bass. How to … source

Summer Frog Fishing Tips

Summer Frog Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bas...

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Summer Frog Fishing Tips FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton gives some Summer Frog Fishing Tips for the mid-late summer, when it is time to set the deep-water ledge rods down for some shallow topwater excitement. Hollow body frogs

Drop Shot Largemouth Bass Hagg Lake Oregon

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Fishing on Hagg Lake in Oregon can be tough if you don’t know where the bass are and what they do. This day started at 11 AM and we couldn’t sniff a bite until 6PM when I

Big Swimbait Smallmouth | Megabass Magdraft...

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It was Friday evening at the boat ramp when I met Nicholas Chen, by Saturday- we were slamming Big Swimbait Smallmouth Bass on the river. Sometimes you just have to network and share your tactics. Cast it

Fish Topwater Walking Baits (Spooks) for Of...

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FLW Tour Pro Patrick Bone explains a unique offshore topwater approach to finding and catching bass. Mid-summer, offshore bass often relate to deep cover and structure such as sunken brush, grass, ledges, points, and humps. Topwaters, and

Add a Unique Skirt Flare to Bass Jigs

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Gary Klein shows you some of the stuff he likes to do to make an ordinary jig skirt different and better. He has a unique way of adding accent colors to his jigs. Check it out here.

Night Fishing Tips – Jigs

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Matt Allen of discusses a variety of tips and techniques for fishing jigs at night. He covers flippin, pitchin, and swimming a jig in the dark. source

Evolve Baits DarkStar Swimmer: Montage and ...

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In this video I discuss Evolve Baits newly released DarkStar Swimmer made swimjig trailers, spinnerbait trailers, Alabama rigs, and swimbait fishing. Enjoy! source

How to Choose a Frog Rod, Reel and Line Com...

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Jimmy Mason shares his tips for choosing a setup for fishing frogs on grass lakes like Guntersville. source

Frog Bass Fishing with Kyle Bassmaster

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Kyle and I hit up Round Lake in northern Illinois to do a little froggin’. Although we were unable to find a pattern we manged to land two nice bass on the frog before we called it