Jig Fishing for Bass with Dirty Jigs Pitchi...

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This video covers the benefits of the Pitchin’ Jig (arkie-style head) as well as revealing the 6 colors that produce 100% of my big bites. source

Flipping Jigs in Thick Wood & Feeding ...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW, and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer slings jigs for wood wallowing walleye! source

Punching Largemouth Bass in the Slop on Fac...

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Pro angler and host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW Dave Mercer demonstrates how rigging up with a heavy tungsten weight and super sharp Lazer Trokar hook can land you some giant largies when punching some summertime

Flippin’ Spring Bass with the Concept...

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Here is video in which I show you the benefits of going shallow during the spring while breaking down the importance of having a reel that can handle it all such as the Concept A. Thanks for

Fishing Tackle Set Up for Pitching to Bass

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This is the equipment and tackle that I use for pitching and roll casting to cover. This is a techniques that is highly effective for going down a bank quickly or strategically picking apart a small area

How To Setup a Flippin’ Rig for Sprin...

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Flippin’ is a mistaken rig, most anglers focus way to hard on using this rig in the warmer months when fish are lodged under matted grass an pads. In order for this rig to work all year

Bass Fishing Hook Set Basics

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Back to basics this time. I go through the differences in setting the hook with single style hooks like jigs and texas rigs VS treble hook or exposed hook style baits. VIDEOS FORM LAST TIMETOURNAMENT LIFE VIDEO-