How to Fish Big Swimbaits in Deep Water

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Jason Sealock talks about the beginnings of big swimbaits and how they’ve become a staple on a lot of fisheries from California to Texas, and

How To Make Swimbaits Last Longer

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Matt Allen of http://www.tacticalbassin.com shows how to modify your swimbaits and swimbait harnesses to last longer. Catch more fish and save money with … source

Angry Bass Eats Swimbait

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This bass was guarding some fry. During this time of post spawn, bluegill imitating baits can be really good. They hate BlueGill I was throwing

Swimbait 101: Commitment

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Its not always easy to get big fish to bite. On those tough days, its all about sticking it out. You just never know what

Fishing Swimbaits around Shallow Wood

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Terry Bolton likes the Trigger X Slop Hopper for skipping a swimbait past and through shallow cover and then working it back over a bass’s

Swimbait Sink Rates Explained

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Matt Allen of Tacticalbassin.com explains the various swimbait sink rates and what each one is for. source

Advanced Swimbaits: How to Skip

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Matt Allen of Tacticalbassin discusses how to skip large swimbaits in and around heavy cover. source

13.4 lb largemouth bass on a swimbait

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Matt Allen lands a 13.4 lb largemouth bass on a huddleston swimbait. For more with Matt Allen visit http://www.tacticalbassin.com To book a trip and experience

Tips on Fishing Finesse Swimbaits for Bass

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Alabama angler David Kilgore shares his tips on fishing with a Strike King Swim N Shiner (http://goo.gl/JXzv4N) and why he likes a more finesse swimbait

Swimbait Storage and Organization

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Tim Little of http://www.tacticalbassin.com discusses the best way to store swimbaits. Whether you’re storing hardbaits or softbaits , these tips will keep your baits …