How to Cast Swimbaits

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Matt Allen of TacticalBassin.com discusses how to cast swimbaits properly to avoid injury. For more with Matt Allen visit http://www.tacticalbassin.com or to book … source

First Look at the Nichols MBP Swimbait

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New Boot Tail Swimbait! – LFT Boot Ta...

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SEE ALL COLORS http://lftlures.com/categories/soft-plastics-lft-boot-tail-magic-shad I think this is going to be one of the baits that many pros throw but don’t talk about. It’s a

Winter Swimbait Retrieves

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Matt Allen of http://www.tacticalbassin.com discusses the proper swimbait retrieve speeds for catching fish throughout the winter months. This is the time of year … source

Hard Body Swimbait Tips

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Pro angler and host of Facts of Fishing Dave Mercer gives a few tips on how to catch more fish using Storm’s Kickin Stick hard

Pete Ponds Tip Back to Basics Swimbait

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Pete Ponds explains how best to rig a swimbait for maximum effectiveness. source

Swimbait Rod Actions Explained

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Matt Allen discusses how to choose the right swimbait rod for your style of fishing. For more with Matt Allen visit http://www.tacticalbassin.com or to book

How to Fish with Swimbaits

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How to fish with swimbaits- Ott Defoe, Bassmaster Elite series pro, explains how to choose the right gear when fishing a swimbait around cover. Find

Fall Bass on The Swimbait

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Swimbaits: One Cast Two Giant Bass

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What’s better than catching a giant bass? How about catching 2… after breaking off the first one! Tim Little had his opportunity when he caught