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Summer Frog Fishing Tips

Summer Frog Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bas...

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Summer Frog Fishing Tips FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton gives some Summer Frog Fishing Tips for the mid-late summer, when it is time to set the deep-water ledge rods down for some shallow topwater excitement. Hollow body frogs

Fish Topwater Walking Baits (Spooks) for Of...

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FLW Tour Pro Patrick Bone explains a unique offshore topwater approach to finding and catching bass. Mid-summer, offshore bass often relate to deep cover and structure such as sunken brush, grass, ledges, points, and humps. Topwaters, and

How to Choose a Frog Rod, Reel and Line Com...

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Jimmy Mason shares his tips for choosing a setup for fishing frogs on grass lakes like Guntersville. source

Frog Bass Fishing with Kyle Bassmaster

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Kyle and I hit up Round Lake in northern Illinois to do a little froggin’. Although we were unable to find a pattern we manged to land two nice bass on the frog before we called it

Senkos & Frogs — Summer Bass Fis...

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HOT summer bite using frogs and senkos. source

Cool Modifications to Topwater Frogs for Ba...

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Topwater frogs catch loads of bass spring through fall, and Gary Klein walks us through some quick and easy frog modifications that will increase strikes and hooking percentages. source

Bass Fishing: How to Fish a Popper

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Matt Allen of discusses how to fish a popper for big bass during the summer months. To read the whole article visit … source

What you NEED to know about Summer Froggin&...

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In this video I break apart the art of frog fishing and how it can help you land some of the biggest fish in your local lake. source

Crushing Big Bass on Topwater Lures

Jun 17, 2015Comments off

This week, Craig and I head out for a day of topwater action. We ended catching a lot of fish on hollow bodied frogs. To get them out away from the thick cover we used 7’1″ and