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Spring Bass Fishing 2016 (March 23, 2017 3:32 pm)
We Made It…Somehow (March 23, 2017 3:13 pm)

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Target Spotted Bass With Finesse Swimbaits

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Here’s an informative spotted bass tip from John Crews on how to catch spotted bass in clear water, but it works equally well for smallmouth and largemouth bass too. At the heart of the rig is a

Spring Bass Fishing 2016

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

I usually don’t have long periods of time that I’m home since we are on the road so much so this was extra special! To be able to enjoy the comfort of home and have fun fishing

We Made It…Somehow

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

On the way up north to do some crazy fishing. We have never done anything like this but we are going to be traveling the world here more often to create awesome content for you guys! Make

Bass Fishing with the Megabass Islide 262T ...

Mar 23, 2017No Comments

Here’s some action captured in the fall of 2015 using the Megabass I-Slide 262t… Available at http://www.bigbassdreams.com/products/megabass-i-slide-262t source

How to Skip Jigs with a Baitcaster Like a P...

Mar 22, 2017No Comments

Boat docks hold big bass throughout the entire year, but these fish aren’t always easy to reach. You’ll often find the biggest fish positioned in the deepest, darkest shade under a boat dock. That’s exactly why accurate

Face-Off Fishing with Larry Legend

Mar 22, 2017No Comments

Watch the very first episode of Face-Off Fishing with Larry Legend! These anglers go head to head for the win! #496Films I encourage you to ask questions or leave comments below! Subscribe to my Channel to keep

2 Tough Knots for Flipping, Pitching &...

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

There’s no less than 100 knots out there for anglers to choose from, but you can rely on just a couple main fishing knots for most fishing applications. Mark Menendez is a big proponent of having the

Bird’s-Eye Bass Fishing!

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

A higher perspective on a day of fishing! All filmed from a drone. #496Films Subscribe to my Channel to keep up with all the latest videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOeisWXwXYbT0uBXLNx0H2w Follow me on all Social Media! SnapChat: HunterShryock496 My Website:

Bass Eats Trout Swimbait Big Bass Dreams

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

8 pound classLargemouth bass eats a 9 inch trout pattern glide bait source

Side Imaging Settings that Dominate the Sea...

Mar 20, 2017No Comments

There’s still a cloud of mystique around side imaging for a lot of anglers, so we offer up this easy to digest tutorial on adjusting side imaging range and sonar settings for finding the sweet spots, then