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The ChatterSwim – Catching Big Bass E...

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The Phenix Jigs are hard to come by now – try local tackle shops… -LFT Live Magic Shads Deadly combo anywhere you fish. It not a secret anymore but it still dominates. rated: viewed:66562 source

Winter Time Jerkbait

Winter Time Jerkbait Tips for Bass

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Winter Time Jerkbait Fishing Justin Rackley goes over a few simple and easy steps to help you with your winter time jerkbait fishing. During the winter your presentation must be slower and your jerkbait needs to be

How to Rig a Worm Right for Bass

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Rigging soft plastic worms right can help your bait look more natural to the fish. Straight tail worms like finesse worms and stick baits are worms you want to make sure are straight out of the package

How to Avoid Rusty Hooks – Bass Fishi...

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How to avoid the big problem of rust on your bass fishing hooks by doing a few simple things. rated: viewed:7694 source

How to Catch More Bass on Wide Gap Hooks

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How to catch more bass using wide gap hooks on thicker baits like tubes and creature baits rated: viewed:10712 source

Bedding Bass Behavior

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Site fishing for bedding bass and looking at their behaviors through the spawn and different strategies for catching these fish. You need a good pair of polarized lenses in order to site fish effeciently. For best visual

Bedding Bass Behavior “Paired Up̶...

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This time we look at some fish that are paired up together and see how they behave. I use a few new techniques and baits here and describe some more of the behaviors we see from bass

Great Knot for Fluorocarbon Based Lines ...

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How to tie the often requested Double San Diego Jam Knot. Used by many salt water anglers, it is a very strong knot for throwing heavier lures on lighter fluorocarbon based line like spoons, crankbaits, jigs and

Bass Spawning Strategy

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Visit for the baits featured in this video In the 3rd bass bedding behavior video we will look at some cool footage of bass depositing their eggs and fry guarding. I also go through my favorite

How to Catch Bass in Deep Water

May 14, 2015Comments off fellow fishing freaks! This video is the extra long educational version of the deep water structure fishing montage. Click the link to check it out!… I'm hoping that this will answer some of the questions you