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Largest Smallmouth Bass

Largest Smallmouth Bass captured on video

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Largest Smallmouth Bass captured on video Ben Royce and Eric Haataja on May 16th, 2014 potentially caught and released the largest smallmouth bass that may have

Longest Largemouth Bass

Longest Largemouth Bass – A NEW IGFA ...

Nov 09, 2015Comments off

Longest Largemouth Bass On a trip to Lake Okeechobee, renowned lure designer Patrick Sebile, lands a new IGFA All-Tackle World Record for Longest Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing Big Largemouth Bass in grass o...

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The first cast of the day can’t get any better than this! Captured  on Go Pro this fisherman pitches a jig into a bridge on

10 pound Largemouth Bass

10 Pound Largemouth Bass – “Cas...

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Big Bass Dreams – “Cast to Catch” 10 pound Largemouth Bass Oliver Ngy with another cool “Cast to Catch” clip of a double digit 10

Monster Largemouth Bass

Southern California Monster Largemouth Bass

Nov 05, 2015Comments off

The Bass King Pro Team, SoCal Chapter (Kevin Mattson, Bryan Hunt, John Kerr), on the hunt in Southern California for  monster largemouth bass. source

Seven Pound Bass on a Buzzbait. Topwater La...

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Buy these buzzbaits at our website Subscribe to see more videos. Follow us on social media: … source

Monster Large Mouth Bass

11+ Lb Monster Large Mouth Bass Tampa Flori...

Nov 01, 2015Comments off

11+ Lb Monster Large Mouth Bass Chase(10) reels in a monster Large Mouth Bass, it was at least 11 to 12 pounds, but they did

largemouth bass

Largemouth Bass Eating Goldfish – Fre...

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Largemouth Bass Eating Goldfish – Freshwater Monster Fish Tank Watch this pet largemouth bass destroy five large goldfish in less then 10 seconds! He is a

Kid catches a monster large mouth bass!!

Oct 30, 2015Comments off

Watched this super cool kid real in this huge bass from Lake Monticello in VA. It weighed 6 1/2 lbs! source

virginia fishing

Virginia Fishing Monster Largemouth Bass 7 ...

Oct 29, 2015Comments off

Virginia Fishing Monster Largemouth Bass Watch how excited Danny gets as he catches this huge largemouth bass! This bass was Caught in a 200+ Year Old