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S Waver Swimbait

Giant Winter Bass eats an S Waver Swimbait

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Giant Winter Bass eats an S-Waver Swimbait Matt Allen of of Tactical Bassin went out during a winter storm in an attempt to catch some

Throwing Swimbaits for Big Bass With Bryan ...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer joins his good buddy Bryan Bickell and the Stanley Cup for

Enormous Double Digit Largemouth Bass Eats ...

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While fishing on Clearlake, Matt Allen caught a giant bass on a swimbait. You can read all the details about the catch on Purchase

Giant 8 lb Spotted Bass!

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Matt Allen of catches a monster eight pound spotted bass in Northern California on Dirty Jigs products available at … source


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Check out this crazy video of a giant bass being caught from a float tube with a Deps 250 Slide Swimmer (enormous glide bait swimbait).

Crushing Big Bass on Topwater Lures

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This week, Craig and I head out for a day of topwater action. We ended catching a lot of fish on hollow bodied frogs. To