Fall Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

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JP DeRose explains why fishing rock and weed lines with a flipping setup in the fall can produce large numbers of quality bass. source

Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Lures

Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Lures

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Top 10 Fall Bass Fishing Lures   Lure Reviews start at 1:05 Featured baits: 1. Z Man chatterbait (1/2 ounce, bluegill) – zoom swimming chunk trailer (green pumpkin) 2. War eagle spinnerbait (3/8 ounce, white/chartreuse) – gamakatsu

Deep Cranking Fall Smallmouth Bass Feeding ...

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Cranking for big schools of Smallmouth Bass in Fall of October 2014. How to crank bait fish for small mouth bass. Learning how to crank bait fish for bass. How to … source

Bass Fishing Lures for Fall Fishing

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Here are the lures that I’m going to have out on my boat during the Fall of the year. Check out my sponsors – http://biospawn.com/ … source

Early Fall Bass Fishing

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It’s October and the water temp is in the mid 70’s. This means the shad are beginning their fall migration towards the back of the creeks. Here is how I search for … source

Bass Fishing in the Fall

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Fall can be one of the best times to catch bass shallow. Here’s how to do it. source

Go Pro River Smallies Smallmouth Bass Fishi...

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Here are a couple nice bass and How to catch this hard fighting fish. Caught this on my GoPro Hero 4. In the fall it’s like the hunger games and they are catching … source

Catch Late Fall Smallmouths on Natural Lake...

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Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine shares some insight on catching late fall smallmouth bass on natural lakes and rivers up north. The water temps are dipping down … source

How to Fish Docks

Fish Docks for Fall Largemouth Bass

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How to Fish Docks Fish docks in the fall for a great way to catch fish that are returning to the shallows in search for food and warmer water. In-Depth Outdoors Greg Huff and Jason Holmer of Bass

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

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In-depth look at the Fall bass migration with strategy and techniques discussed. These fall bass fishing tips will put you where the bass and shad are during … source