Spring Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Fishing Flat Sided Crankbaits in the Spring

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Fishing Flat Sided Crankbaits in the Spring Fluke Master Gene Jenson loves fishing flat sided crankbaits during the pre spawn when the bass are first moving up into the shallows. There is a difference between a square

NEW Spring Time Baits for Big Bass

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You can find these baits at http://outdooradvantagelures.com/shop/new-5-frisky-liz/ Music: http://outdooradvantagelures.com/shop/new-5-frisky-liz/ source

Slow Rolling Spinnerbaits for Prespawn Bass

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FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton talks about an often overlooked way of catching bass in the early spring by slow rolling a spinnerbait in that mid-range depth and the importance of a slow reel. source

Spring Finesse Fishing – First Fish o...

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This is a quick video showing you how to break the cold streak when searching for largemouth in early spring. Hope you guys enjoy and keep on staying tuned http://web.me.com/mjbarz/FTMW/Home_page.html source

How to Choose Crankbait Colors for Spring B...

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John Crews talks about conditions and clarity and how it affects his color choices when throwing shallow to medium diving crankbaits in the spring. A good lesson for all anglers. source

Spring Time Fishing: Tips For The Thas

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This video discusses how to handle post thaw conditions when fishing in windy and cold weather. source

Bass Pond Spring Spawning Tactics

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Here I show you how I like to look for bass that might be getting ready to or already spawning in ponds and lakes. I use a technique of slowly working a stick bait around on flats

Follow Transition Banks for Spring Fishing

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Kevin VanDam talks about the importance of transition banks on highland reservoirs. And how you can pattern bass quickly by knowing what types of banks bass are moving from and to in the early spring. source

Fishing Senkos in the Spring

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Randy Howell calls the Senko a one-cast bait for spawning bass and it’s one of his favorite lures for spring bass. Here he demonstrates its effectiveness. http://bit.ly/10cO9wm source

Tackle Grab Tips and Tricks: Cold Water Spr...

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Link to Tackle Grab: http://tacklegrab.com/ source