Summer Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

How to Use a Buzzbait – Summer Tips &...

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Visit my website at to find more information on booking a guided fishing trip with Ander Meine and get some one-on-one experience with … source

Top 10 Summertime Bass Fishing Lures

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In this video I show you my TOP 10 SUMMERTIME BAITS. I go in-depth and explain how to use them, when to use them, and where to use them. This is a very informational video, make sure

Summer Frog Fishing Tips

Summer Frog Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bas...

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Summer Frog Fishing Tips FLW Tour pro Terry Bolton gives some Summer Frog Fishing Tips for the mid-late summer, when it is time to set the deep-water ledge rods down for some shallow topwater excitement. Hollow body frogs

Rigging for Late Summer Slop Dwelling Large...

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Pro Angler, Host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW and Bassmaster Emcee Dave Mercer explains how to texas rig a Trokar worm hook! source

Fishing for Shallow Bass in the Middle of S...

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Terry Brown talks about fishing around shallow docks in the heat of the summer. source

Best Baits for Summer Bank Fishing

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Tim Little of Tactical Bassin breaks down the top 5 baits that he uses when walking the shores in search of big bass. These tips will help you simplify your … source

Senkos & Frogs — Summer Bass Fis...

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HOT summer bite using frogs and senkos. source

Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Kayak Early Morn...

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Late Summer can be a tough time to catch fish. I try some early morning pond bass fishing and use the same techniques I would use on man made lakes. It’s a lot of “Junk Fishing” in

2 Finesse Tactics for More Summertime Bass

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FLW Pro Jon Henry shares his effective 1-2 punch finesse approach for catching finicky ledge bass during the summer months. He uses a Yum Dinger ( on a drop shot and a Yum Mighty Worm on a

Magnum Lizards for Summer Bass

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Adam Hinkle’s guest appearance on Tactical Bassin is a huge honor! This guy catches GIANT bass and today he’s sharing his favorite way to fool pressured … source