Winter Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Lake Norman Winter Fishing

Lake Norman Winter Fishing

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“Lake Norman Winter Fishing isn’t strange to have a catch of thirty spotted bass a day.” The week days are finally coming to a end and Friday finally kicks around. You punch the clock and head home

Bass Fishing in a Blizzard

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Here’s a video teaching you all how to follow the spring shad in tough conditions and how to utilize their schooling patterns to enable you put more fish in the boat before the feeding is over. Enjoy!

Learn to Fish a Casting Jig for Winter Smal...

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In this video Kentucky angler and owner of Cumberland Pro Lures, Brian Wilson talks about how he fishes a casting jig in the winter for big smallmouths on lakes like Dale Hollow. Here he fishes with the

Winter Jig Fishing Tips and Tricks

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Matt Allen of Tactical Bassin gives tips on throwing a jig during the cold water months. From fishing a football jig on highland reservoirs to flipping river systems, … source

Top 5 Baits for Winter Bass Fishing

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Matt Allen and Tim Little of TacticalBassin discuss the best fishing lures to use during the Winter transition. As bass head for deep water these baits will help you … source

Lipless Crankbaits: Tips, Tackle, and Techn...

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Lipless cranks aren’t just for warm water. These 4 retrieves will help you catch big bass on rattle baits in cold water from early fall all the way to the spawn in … source

What Lures to use for Smallmouth in Late Wi...

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This is a quick video explaining the habits of smallmouth in late and mid winter. In this video I will show you one of my secret weapons for landing cold water smallies whether it be river, pond,

Winter Bass Fishing Offshore with Kayaks

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LakeForkGuy Fishing TV Episode 1 LINKS Check out more footage from the schooling bass on one tree! SUMMARY To start the year off we went to one of my favorite places to fish, Table Rock lake. We

Where Do Bass Go In The Winter?

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This week Matt Allen of Tacticabassin breaks down where to search for fish in Winter. Cold water bass fishing can be tough but these quick tips will help you … source

Fishing the Sun for More Winter Bass

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Chris Lane talks about looking for bait on warming banks around sunshine in the colder months of the year. We recently shared a boat with him while the air temperatures were well below freezing and the water