Winter Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Ledges

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Winter bass fishing ledges can be a productive pattern. Here I am using spoons and blade baits to work down the wall in a stair step pattern. The 2nd ledge drop in 35′ of water seemed to

Winter Swimbait Retrieves

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Matt Allen of discusses the proper swimbait retrieve speeds for catching fish throughout the winter months. This is the time of year … source

Cranking Winter Bass with Timmy Horton

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Timmy Horton shares some of his tips for targeting winter bass with a crankbait. source

Doug Stange In-Fishermen Fenwick Smallmouth...

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In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange was on the water recently with the new Fenwick EliteTech Smallmouth rod series that will be available in Fall of 2011. source

Fishing for Bass with Finesse in the Winter

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Chris Zaldain talks about his favorite two fishing finesse rigs for winter bass fishing. He shows us how he rigs them and then shows us where he likes to fish them. Some good underwater footage in this

Spinnerbait Slow Rolling for Bass in Cold W...

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Spinnerbaits are one of my favorite baits for cold water bass around cover. With a slow retrieve, often referred to as “slow rolling” you can expect some big bites in late winter and early spring. The spinnerbait

Winter Fishing: What You Need To Know!

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Jerk Baits in Cold Water

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Lake Grapevine winter time rated: viewed:28971 source

Winter Tactics for Big Bass

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Justin and Faith go out to a north Texas lake in January to catch some big bass rated: viewed:48943 source