Epic Bass Video from Big Bass Dreams -“The Movement Trailer”

Epic Bass Video From Oliver Ngy Of Big Bass Dreams

The Movement Trailer

Full length motion film featuring special moments captured on film for this big bass video. Passion consumes the Big Bass DREAM Team, watch as they spread this movement beyond boundaries first never thought possible in this epic bass video.

Oliver Ngy is a fisherman from Southern California and is the owner and founder of Big Bass Dreams. Even though the pursuit of state records, trophy fish, and big bass have always been sought after. Oliver can almost certainly be the culprit behind the new movement among anglers all over the country to not just go out and just catch fish, but to throw the biggest and best baits possible in an attempt to “catch the biggest fish in the lake.” Oliver has not only one of the largest and most influential instagram accounts through @BigBassDreams, but you can also follow his personal journey through his @OliverNgy instagram. You can  sign-up and become a member of Oliverngy.com to get exclusive access to Articles, Blogs, Tips, and Videos. Oliver also offers Big Bass Dreams personal training in which Oliver takes you out on the water to learn beginner, intermediate, and advanced level fishing techniques to help step up your Big Bass game. Book one of these trips with Oliver and you may find yourself in the next epic bass video!


Brian Cornelison

Brian Cornelison

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