Choosing the Right Rod and Reel

Gene Jenson’s Top 6 recommendations for Choosing the right rod and reel

As a bass fisherman choosing the right rod and reel for the different baits you are throwing can make all the difference. If you do not have the proper sensitivity, action, or power to go along with your baits you may be losing fish or missing out on bites. Gene Jenson from the youtube channel Fluke Master goes over his top six rods and reels he would choose to cover all the different aspects of bass fishing.

A heavy power 7’6 fast action rod with a high speed reel. This type of rod can be used to fish heavy cover such as weed beds and grass. Gene recommends 65 pound braid not because of the fish he is attempting to catch, but because of the lures and baits he is throwing. The reason for the heavy braid is because if he hooks into a fish in heavy cover the 65 pound braid will be able to rip that fish out of the cover versus the lighter braid breaking causing you to lose possibly a big fish. He uses this rod for flipping & pitching, hollow body frogs, and swimbaits.

A medium heavy 7’3 fast action rod with a high speed reel that he uses for fishing jigs. He uses this rod and reel set up for when he is working the bottom. The high speed reel goes along way to helping you get your bait in faster letting you make more cast and covering more water. He throws everything from Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, and Football rigs.

Gene’s favorite rod is a fast action 7’0 medium power rod with a Abu Garcia Revo SC reel. This rod can be used for topwater, spinnerbaits, heavy buzz baits, and when he is aggressively fishing lipless crankbaits through cover.

A Medium moderate action 7’0 moderate power rod with a medium speed reel that can be used for square bills and shallow diving crankbaits.

A Medium Heavy 7’0 moderate action rod. Gene uses a 5:3:1 gear ration reel. This is his deep diving crankbait rod but uses it for many other baits. He also uses this for spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, buzzbaits. The bend of the rod will give you a good cast and also get a good hook set on the fish.

A 7’0 medium action spinning rod is used for drop shots, shaky heads, flukes, and any finesse fishing lures. He uses a 15 pound braid with 8lb flourocarbon liter for fishing clearer water.

We hope this video and list helps and gives you a good blue print for choosing your next rod and reel set up to upgrade your arsenal and fishing set up.

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