Finding Bass in Shallow Water in Summer

I set out to find 5 decent bites up shallow in 4 hours. It’s hot summer time conditions and I’m on a lake with lots of shallow vegetation and cover. Even though there are a lot of bass out on deep structure this time of year, it is still fun and sometimes better to go after the shallow bite in the dog days.

The best pattern was running to creeks that had shade and cover. It was very calm and not much current so I went with a stealthy pitching technique. I used a 1/2 oz jig with various craw style trailers to imitate the blue gill that were back in the creeks.

I used a G Loomis NRX 854 rod which is about a medium heavy power 7’1″ rod. It was paired with a Shimano Curado CU200i HG. Power Pro super slick 40lb braid with a 25lb seagar fluoro leader.

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