Fish Docks for Fall Largemouth Bass

How to Fish Docks

Fish docks in the fall for a great way to catch fish that are returning to the shallows in search for food and warmer water. In-Depth Outdoors Greg Huff and Jason Holmer of Bass Utopia give us tips on how to fish docks on a 600-acre, central-Minnesota lake. Pitching and skipping docks is a great late-summer/early-fall tactic to catch largemouth bass. They also, inexplicably, refer early and often to a big bass they nickname “Honey Boo Boo.” Why? Tune in and find out.

The dock pattern in this show will work throughout the upper Midwest on lakes with a similar profile when weather conditions and water temps are similar.

Water temp: 88 degrees
Water color: Green (heavy algae bloom)
Water clarity: One foot, or less

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources profile of the lake states that the size of the lake is 600-some acres with a bottom composition that is mostly sand with a maximum depth of 28 feet. This lake is full of bullhead, perch, golden shiners, crappie, blue gill, sunfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and northern pike. The lake contains quite a few aquatic plant species that are classified as rare except for coontail and canadian waterweed which are classified as common. The maximum depth at which aquatic vegetation was sampled was 7.5 feet.

Hosted and edited by Greg Huff. Directed and filmed by James Holst.


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