Fishing the Megabass 5 inch Spark Shad & Body Balance Jig for Spotted Bass in California

The guys are were out on a California public lake for about a week fishing the Megabass Spark Shad and Body Balance head combo for Spotted Bass in the 3-6 pound range. Good times.

Spark Shad and Body Balance Heads available here –
Tackle Breakdown-

Rod – Megabass Orochi XX Perfect Pitch
Reel – 6:1 gear ratio
Line – 50lb Pline TCB braid to 15lb Senshei Flouro Leader
Lure – Megabass 5 Inch Spark Shad in Hiuo and Albino + 1/2 ounce Body Balance Head
Scent – Bass Dynasty Threadfin Shad

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Brett F. @bcforrester
Jason S. @wired2fish_official
Yuskei M. @MegabassAmerica
Matt T. @Matt2ten
Oliver N. @OliverNgy


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