Giant Winter Bass eats an S Waver Swimbait

Giant Winter Bass eats an S-Waver Swimbait

Matt Allen of of Tactical Bassin went out during a winter storm in an attempt to catch some Largemouth Bass. Matt was throwing an S Waver Swimbait when a monster bass slammed it. Fishing Swimbaits in the winter can be one of the better producing baits thanks to its ability to be fished slow during the down times of winter. Matt was fishing parallel to a rock dam. You can almost always count on rock dams like these to hold big bass because of the cover they provide. The S Waver Swimbait Matt was using is a jointed bait that imitates erratic behavior typically causing a reaction strike from most bass. If you do not have one in your tackle box it is definitely a bait worth adding into your arsenal.

S Waver Swimbait

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