Jackson Kayak Coosa HD: What You Did & Did Not Know

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

 The best things about the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD is how easy it makes a fisherman’s life. Every feature of the Kayak has a purpose.

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD Review

Something has been lingering in my mind for some time now. I wrote an article on my first experience after I took my Jackson Kayak Coosa HD out for the first time  (My First Trip In The Coosa HD ) about 3 months ago. The day that I chose to write about was a fisherman’s nightmare. Fast moving muddy water only allowed me to make maybe 30 casts because of how bad river conditons were. I could not break down the true feel and features the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD has to offer. Now after a few months and getting to do a lot more bass fishing on lakes and rivers I can go into the awesome functionality of the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD.

As a beginner, some of the first things you think about when you want to get into a kayak are probably space, stability, length, weight, and extra features in no particular order. Extra space gives you room to be relaxed, be comfortable, and have plenty of room for your gear. Length is always a concern because maybe you do not have the storage space, big enough car, or truck bed. Weight is a big factor because on a day you go fishing at least 2-4 times you will load and unload you kayak. Stability is a top concern because in my opinion fishing is twice as hard sitting down versus standing up.  You will want to stand up at certain times to fish, stretch your legs, or even take a leak. Nothing is worse than when you are clinching your butt cheeks while trying to take a pee off a floating kayak hoping you don’t accidentally fall in.  Extra Features on a kayak are like putting the ice cream with the cake. You are fine without them, but they definitely make things a whole lot better.

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD

Length & Weight

Through the first 4 months of having a kayak I was hauling it with a Thule Roof Rack on my Ford Fusion. My 4 cylinder car hauled all 80 pounds of it like a champ. So before you throw the idea of owning a kayak out because you don’t own a truck know there is always a way in kayak fishing. The Coosa HD has strong handles in the middle on both sides as well as front and back. This makes it easy to carry and get leverage when lifting it on to the top of a vehicle or into the bed of a truck. I am 27 years old and a decent sized guy at six foot tall and I could put this kayak up on my car pretty easily without causing damage like knocking off a side mirror which is pretty common. If you are physically out of shape you may have some trouble because of the semi awkward lift, but there is a simple solution for that. Get two kayaks so you can always go fishing with a friend. Sure sometimes you need to hit the water on your own, but company is always better. Bringing a friend also makes loading and unloading go from a chore to a breeze. The Jackson Kayak Coosa HD is a good mixture of size. The length will allow you to cut through water faster and easier. While a little on the heavy side it is a good trade off for a deck that is almost 3 feet wide.

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD


When you first get on the Coosa HD or any kayak for that matter you will want to feel secure or stable. I worked a whole event one weekend with Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe and Jackson Kayak and watched hundreds of people go out and stand up in these Jackson Fishing Kayaks. Sitting down standing up not one person fell out of them (Even the Big Boys). I have made a lot of questionable moves standing up and moving around in my Jackson Kayak Coosa HD and the times  I was sure I should have fell in I remained upright. I can remain balanced and standing even after some boat traffic has stirred up the water. The kayak has a secondary stability which allows you to be a little more relaxed when you’re fishing without the worry that just one mistake and you fall in. And like I commented earlier this definitely makes a difference when trying to take a leak out of your kayak during a long day of fishing.

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD Review

Tracking and Mobility

More than a few times while I have been fishing I have been met with strong current and head winds. The Coosa HD while slowed down got me from point A to point B easily. Many days I have paddled more than a mile to get to my next spot and never felt the kayak really holding me back. I have taken my Coosa in and around docks, under trees, back into areas that I had to paddle backwards to get out and have never had a problem. With a few basic paddling lessons and a few trips to build up your stamina any beginner will figure out how quickly it is to get the Coosa HD around.

Storage and Deck Space

As soon as you hit the water it won’t be long before you realized that your world got a lot smaller. Your kayak is your life force on the water. Being comfortable for a long day of fishing is key. Not only that, but you need to have accessibility to your gear, room to stand up, and feel organized.

I love the removable center console. The built in scupper hole underneath allows for a quick and easy install of your fish finders. It also makes it easy to store your cables and batteries out of sight. When I first get on the kayak I use the day hatch in the console for my keys, phone, and wallet. It isn’t completely water proof but unless you fall over and the kayak is under water for a good amount of time the likeliness of your stuff getting wet is almost nonexistent. One other cool thing I never thought I would use, but fell in love with is the spooling station that comes inside the console. I keep my leader in there at all times. If my line gets snagged or breaks I can cut my line, pull out some leader tie up real quick and get back to fishing. The Line Cutterz ring that is attached to my seat is a great for being able to quickly cut off a lure and put a new one on without searching for my cutters.

Right behind the seat is your biggest open area called the Tank Well best used for tackle boxes, coolers, backpacks, or your custom made decked out milk crate with mounted rod holders to hold tackle boxes. Bungie cords overlap so you can keep your gear tight and secure from accidently falling out. Do note that this is a spot where things can get a little wet.

You have storage at the front and back of the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD. Both of these storage hatches haves lids that are secured by bungie straps. One thing you will begin to notice is how innovative Jackson Kayak is with bungie straps. The front hatch is specifically designed with bungies to give you a place to put your paddle which I do all day long when fighting a fish or standing up. I have used it once for a spot as a solar charger but found I was not having trouble keeping my electronics running all day, so I removed one less item I could potentially forget, break or lose. I usually keep my rods in the truck but these hatches areas run the length of the boat so you can store rods, paddles, emergency kits, and extra items inside.

Rod Holders

You do not have to worry about rod storage because the Jackson Kayak Coosa HD comes with 4 different spots to store your rods. Two in the back at an angle and one on each side of the kayak with the Rod Tusks. When I first got my Coosa HD I never thought I would use the tusks but I was wrong. I wish I had 3 more of them. The rod holders in the back of the kayak create more of a problem for me when I am fishing close to shore, going under trees, walk ways, around docks, or even when I am casting my rods tend to get in the way. Having them hang out the back leaves more ways for them to get damaged, broke, or lost. I feel a lot better with my rods in quick reach and secured on the side. The rod tusks protect the front of the rod and the tips while the bungie cords hold and secure the rod tight to the boat.

Gear Tracks

The Gear Tracks are one of the most versatile elements of the Coosa and many of the other Jackson Kayak Fishing Kayaks. These tracks can be equipped with many accessories such as Ram Mounts. These Ram Mounts allow you to install a mounting ball anywhere on the track and add attachments. I use them for extra camera mounts, rod holders, and my Depth Finder. There are many other attachment accessories to better personalize your Kayak as you need too.

Adjustable Seat

Not one time in my days of fishing from sun up to sundown have I thought to myself that this seat was uncomfortable. The seat adjusts so you can sit in any upright position you’d like. It can be placed more forward or backward in the boat with more than 4 different seated positions. I personally like to sit as high and as far back as I can so I can keep a lot of my gear in front of me for easy access. The Thermarest Lumbar support in the seat is awesome. It is adjustable and really adds to the comfort of being on the water. The seat was built to be sturdy and comfortable and that is exactly what it is. Zero Complaints.

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD Review

Bungie Cords

I am truly impressed with how innovative the Coosa HD uses Bungie Cords. They have them on nearly every facet of the kayak. They hold down your gear such as tackle boxes, storage hatches and rod holders. They are quick and easy ways to secure your gear while you are on the water. These bungies definitely give me a lot of confidence that if I ever do tip over I won’t lose very much gear. (Knock on Wood)

The best things about the Jackson Coosa HD is how easy it makes a fisherman’s life. Every feature of the Kayak has a purpose. I wanted to touch on the most important things I have learned from my time in my Coosa. It is easy to paddle, very stable, and very practical. There isn’t much on the Coosa HD that I would want to live without now that I have grown comfortable. I love the versatility with the gear tracks for the fact that anything I may need to attach can be quickly installed and secured on the Kayak. If I were to give the Coosa HD a grade I would have to give it an A+ and think any bass fisherman would feel right at home.

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