Jigs – Easily the most popular way to fish is with Jigs. They come in all different shapes and and sizes. There are different set ups from shaky, weedless, football, finesse, power, and swim heads. The cool thing about them is the ability to use different forms of plastic baits from tubes, worms, crawfish, grubs, soft body frogs, lizards and soft jerkbaits. Using any of these allows you to fish the bottom of the river, lake, or pond in a way that lets you control the true presentation of your bait. With the right rod and reel set up Jigs can become an extension of your body as typically you can feel the difference between the bottom and a bass biting your lure. Being able to have this feeling allows you to be patient and wait for a good hook set to put more bass in the boat. These videos will help you with having the proper rod and reel set up and how to choose the right jig and plastic for different variations and waters.