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Lake Norman Winter Fishing

Lake Norman Winter Fishing

“Lake Norman Winter Fishing isn’t strange to have a catch of thirty spotted bass a day.”

The week days are finally coming to a end and Friday finally kicks around. You punch the clock and head home to get all your fishing arsenals ready to go to for a day at your usual fishery. Your fishing partner arrives and begins tackle preparation right long with you. You guys are biting it close to sunset and almost have your weapons of destruction ready to catch some fish at first sight of the morning. Then you guys both come to a conclusion why don’t we ever go fish a new lake? We catch the same fish every weekend, we need ideas were should we go?

Well my names Cole Huskins and I live outside of beautiful Charlotte North Carolina home of your 15-1 Carolina Panthers. Right outside of this big city there lies an amazing fishery called Lake Norman. It stretches out of a total of  49.81 miles long and is slammed full of all your weekend bass fishing needs. Dominating these waters lie spotted bass and largemouth bass. On your average day of fishing you can catch largemouth, but the most dominating species are the aggressive Kentucky strained spotted bass. I live 8 minutes outside of Lake Norman, I fish this lake for fun and also as apart of my competitive tournament schedule each year in the Walmart Bass Fishing League and of course your local Derbys. If I was going to set a date, I would recommend coming between December and February. When coming out on the lake around this time it isn’t strange to have a catch of thirty 2 1/2  pound spotted bass a day. If you are saying, “Now that sounds like fun!” Here’s a quick run down of the winter time bite and lures you need to have for Lake Norman.      Lake Norman Winter Fishing

1) Alabama rig- you cannot go to any lake without a alabama rig in the winter time. Everyone knows that. Key destination for this bait is on main lake points, secondary points, and my favorite one is slow winding it beside deep docks right off the main channel.

2) Jerkbait- As late winter approaches every year the jerkbait plays a major role. Like the Alabama rig the jerkbait catches the same fish which are suspended in the water coulmn chasing bait fish. But they each shine in different ways and need to be picked for the right situation. Shallow wind blown points, mid depth windy docks, over top of brush piles, and bridges. These are the most common areas for the jerkbait fishing. My lure of choice  would be a Megabass one-10 in sexy shad.                                                                                                      

These two tips and baits are a major factor on this lake in the cold of the winter. If you haven’t been to Lake Norman the winter time is the best time to come adventure off and  join the “wack fest” local tournaments in these cold periods. You can usually catch any where between 17 to 20 pounds; pretty solid weights for a spotted bass lake. So not only if your a tournament angler but just love to weekend fish coming to Lake Norman near Mooresville, North Carolina is just a flat good decision.

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