Modified Albright Knot – How To

How To Tie A Modified Albright Knot

I use the Modified Albright Knot to join line of different types, sizes or similar sizes together. For instance, tying a fluorocarbon leader to a braid main line.

Fold the leader or larger line making a loop with about a 10 inch tag, pinch the two ends together about an inch away from the loop end.

Now, take the main or smaller line and bring it up through the loop, go around the back and underneath clockwise, leaving about a 10 inch tag.

Put your middle finger through the loop.

Now, take the tag of the main line, go around the back and underneath clockwise making 4 to 10 wraps (find what works best for you), work the wraps away from the end of the loop.

Once the wraps are finished, pinch the end holding them to the leader lines.

Now, take the tag of the main line, go around the back and underneath clockwise with the same amount of wraps going back towards the loop, keeping the wraps as even as possible.

Pinch the end of the last wraps holding them in place, take the tag of the main line and go down through the loop, so that both of the main lines are coming out of the loop in the same direction.

Time to lubricate your knot. The best way, is to run the knot through your mouth and use saliva.

After the line has been lubricated, it’s time to cinch up the knot.

Take your time with this knot, for the best results.

Pull all four lines until they stop drawing the knot.

If that did not draw the knot all the way, then hold both leader lines while pulling the main line until the knot is nice and tight leaving the main line tag hanging free.

You may need to pinch just behind the knot, away from the loop and pull until the knot is nice and tight, repeat if necessary.

Now, trim the tag ends on both the main line and leader line as close to the knot as possible.

If you’d like, you can use a drop of fishing glue on both sides of the knot for smoother action through the guides, this is optional.

You just learned, how I tie the Modified Albright Knot.

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Shane Kreuscher

Shane Kreuscher

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