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Pflueger Supreme XT: Review With Bass Fishing Jigs

Hey Folks! If you have not already checked out Pflueger Reels, check them out at http://www.pfluegerfishing.com! You can also check them out at online retailers such as http://www.tacklewarehouse.com!

This video goes over the specs of the Supreme XT Casting reel as well as my thoughts about the reel. But best of all, it shows you plenty of footage of my catching bass with this reel. You can see how much power this reel has and how it lets you winch bass away from cover and get them in the boat fast!

Equipment Used:
7’5″ H Fenwick Elite Tech Bass
Pflueger Supreme XT 7.1:1 Spooled with 20 lb Fluorocarbon
1/4 Oz Arkie Jig or 3/8 oz All Terrain Tackle Skippin Jig
Lewis & Wright Beaver Tail or Owner Yuki Bug Trailer

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